Who are we?

Trueline is an independent, full-service marketing and consulting company based in Portland, Maine, we provide strategy, content and design for businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

Here’s a snapshot of our services:

Strategy: Branding and rebranding; mission statement; search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine results page (SERP); hiring and retention; fundraising; communicating with board members; personal branding (for executives); events and PR; advertising campaigns; product launches; social media campaigns and management.

Content: Website text; speeches and keynotes; promotional text; employee bios; custom articles; social media posts; newsletters and internal emails; corporate reports.

Design: Websites; logos; promotional material (digital and print); event guides; employee photos; drone video footage; custom magazines; advertisements.

We want to help you solve real challenges—like growing your business, hiring and retaining employees, fundraising and keeping existing business. Our mission is to do this with honesty and integrity. Authenticity—it’s a good look on you.

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